Why Am I Nicolle Rochelle?

“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” ― Zora Neale Hurston

Because l truly care about Freedom and Justice and I want to fight against apathy towards social injustice, suffering and inequality everywhere.

Because I feel personally affected by the pain of others and trying to help eradicate this pain and abuse somehow has always been a goal of mine since I was a young girl, whether attempting to achieve this through my music, charity, or activism.

Because I can’t physically be everywhere all at once, but my music and energy can. I believe that is WHY I was born to be an ARTIST and ACTIVIST hence: an ARTIVIST who will sing and call out the joy and the pain of myself and others, imploring everyone to explore and constantly ask the question WHY within my work and my life.

Because nothing is clearly black and white or right and wrong and knowing that we were ALL raised in and influenced by the bubbles of our «cultures», our personalities fashioned by the whims and agendas of others, is the first step towards true freedom.

Because I have spent many years studying Linguistic Anthropology with its never-ending labyrinth of subcultural languages, fascinated by culture and communication.

Because I want to ask WHY and implore others to explore WHY as well, to urge men, women, and children in EVERY country to challenge the status quo and research on their own from MANY different sources and not automatically believe everything we see, read and hear on the internet or from our immediate circles.

Because the goal of my life and my music is to GET knowledge, GAIN perspective, and GIVE back and that is WHY I am also Modern GEAIsha !